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With the rapid advancement of innovation in forensics, from DNA collection through Databasing, there has never been a better time for you to attend the Bode Conference in 2023.


Bode has been bringing together industry leaders on the forefront of novel methods and advanced technologies for over 25 years.

Join this unique opportunity to collaborate and network with over 375 industry leaders and practitioners. The 3.5 day conference will include practical hands on workshops as well as presentations and panel discussions from across law Enforcement and the forensic community.

​Keynote Speaker Announced:

Julie Weil















Workshops Announced


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Program Overview





















The 2023 program will encompass:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Presentations:  Advancements, policy and impact for crime labs, law enforcement and attorneys

  • Advanced Breakout Sessions:  Best practices and current issues relating to advanced DNA training, new technologies and investigations


Detailed program coming soon!


The program and schedule will be similar to that of Bode 2022 -

Click here for the Bode 2022 program.

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My story begins with the abduction of my children and I from the parking lot of our church preschool in Miami. An unknown assailant proceeded to carjack me and rape me four times in front of my two kids out in the Florida Everglades. After many hours we were returned to the church and I was left for dead on the floor of my van. Through great DNA technology, a superstar analyst and some great police work, my case was solved 6 months later when my rapist was swabbed after committing another crime. It took four grueling years to get to trial, but in the end he was sentenced to 7 life sentences for what he did to my kids and I....a life sentence for my son, one for my daughter, and 5 life sentences for my rape, torture and attempted murder. In the years since my trial, I have dedicated my life to speaking out in praise of police, forensic nurses and especially forensic science.

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