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Join Bode Technology in Tampa Bay Nov. 3-6, 2020 for the 
19th Annual Forensic DNA Conference - Bode 2020

In light of the most recent information related to the evolving COVID-19 situation, growing community concerns, and concerns for the health and well being of all, we have made the decision to reschedule the dates for Bode 2020 to November 3-6, 2020. 


Hotel/ Venue

The Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay will remain the conference hotel.  If you currently have reservations, the Grand Hyatt will be sending you cancellation emails.  You will need to re-book your reservation if you plan to join us in November. We will have the new reservation date links posted on www.bodeconference.com as soon as we receive them.  If you have reservations at The Westin all of the reservations have been cancelled as well.


As a reminder, reservations are ultimately the responsibility of each attendee, so we do encourage everybody to verify that their reservation has been cancelled.


We understand the logistical inconveniences that may arise as a result of this decision and regret the disruption, but are making these decisions with the safety of our attendees in mind.



If you wish to keep your registration no action is required from you at this time.  We will notify you with further registration information.


If you would like a refund, or to cancel your registration, please email registration@bodetech.com.


Sponsors/ Speakers

We will be in touch directly to address any questions.  Thank you for your support and understanding.


Conference Content

As a note, please visit Bode’s webinar page.  We recently announced a 6-part webinar series built around several talks at the Bode Conference.  If interested, please join us over the next several weeks as we discuss forensic genealogy. https://www.bodetech.com/pages/webinars-workshops


Keep checking www.bodeconference.com for any further information.   We will also continue to provide updates to you all as we have them.


If you have any questions - Contact us at registration@bodetech.com.



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Vice President, Global Marketing and Operations Sales

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Bode has hosted more than 30 industry conferences over the past 19 years. This 3.5 day conference includes presentations from industry leaders on impact, new technologies, and best practices targeted to educate on forensic identification and law enforcement investigations. 

Network with almost 400 attendees from more than 75 different local, state, county, and federal agencies from more than 35 states.



The Bode 2020 program will include 3.5 days of high-level presentations:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Program:  Advancements, policy and impact for crime labs,
    law enforcement and attorneys


  • Law Enforcement Breakouts:  Best practices and current issues relating to policing
    and investigations


  • Crime Lab Breakouts:  Advanced DNA training and techniques

The Annual Forensic DNA Conference provides training on the latest techniques and technologies to the forensic science community and gives attendees the opportunity to share experiences from their work. Leaders from various multi-disciplinary agencies will provide lectures, demonstrations, and workshops about new technologies, concepts, and challenges in the DNA identification field.  The Bode 2020 Conference will be our premier continuing education event of the year.





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If you have any questions about the Bode 2020 Annual Conference, please email registration@bodetech.com
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Please note that conference attendance is limited to public sector practitioners, invited guests and paying sponsors. Practitioners include individuals actively working in public forensic crime laboratories and individuals currently employed by a law enforcement agency.

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