Bode 2021 - Virtual and In-Person Events

Virtual: May 4-5, 2021 - Program Announced!

In-Person: October 19-22, 2021 - Denver, CO

Bode’s forensic DNA conferences highlight impact, challenges, new technologies, and best practices from industry leaders to educate on forensic identification and law enforcement investigations. Our virtual event includes an environment that enables attendees and speakers to engage on a wide-range of topics and network to share ideas.


DNA has a significant impact on improving public safety.  Demand for testing is increasing as we clear backlogs and test cases faster.  DNA technology is now more accessible than ever through technological advances in rapid DNA and forensic genealogy, and remains essential to criminal investigations.

Solving these cases is critical and offers answers to victims of crimes, but we also know that the more we can do, the better opportunity we have to prevent crime – and Prevent Tomorrow’s Victim.




Keynote Speaker Announced:  Jayann Sepich

"A Mother's Mission"

Jayann Sepich, founder of, has become a world-renowned voice for the expansion

of DNA testing in memory of her daughter Katie. “Katie’s Law” has resulted in critical legislation

to help solve and prevent crime.


Jayann joins Bode to tell her story on the importance of DNA technology in

Preventing Tomorrow’s Victim.


Bode 2021 Virtual Program Announced!

The 2021 virtual program will include 2 days of high-level presentations, workshops and roundtable discussions, all for one fee of $165:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Program:  Advancements, policy and impact for crime labs, law enforcement and attorneys

  • Advanced Breakout Sessions:  Best practices and current issues relating to advanced DNA training, new technologies and investigations


















The virtual event will grant attendees access to our sponsors and their experts who are excited to share valuable information regarding their available technologies, as well as networking opportunities with other attendees including a virtual customer event.

Unique and Interactive Program

The virtual environment will allow our attendees, speakers, and sponsors to engage and share ideas.

Live Question and Answer Sessions

Most presentation sessions are 1-hour with an estimated 45 minutes of presentation content, followed by a moderated question and answer session.  All content will be available on demand for 90 days after the conference.

Continue the Conversation

Upon the completion of each talk, our presenters and attendees will be encouraged to visit the Networking Lounge and/or the Exhibit Hall to continue the discussion. 








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